GC Launching Product Event Jakarta

With honour we are share you The Successfull of 370XA GC Launching Product Event Jakarta, Monday 19 th January 2015 Rosemount Analytical Division has launching the newest model of Natural Gas Chromatograph (NGC) at PTCS offices, by January, 19 2015. It was sucessfull and attend curious of participant to the new technology of Natural Gas Chromatograph (NGC) model 370XA. Attended by only selected 28 participants (out of 40 invitation) whose expertise and skillfull on Gas Chromatograph application and from various background of company such as PSC companies, gas distribution companies and integrators, it was a tremendously solution-based product lauching of natural gas GC. By introducing Rosemount NGC model 370XA with smaller design, simplier and smarter C6+ analysis, full function local operator interface and trusted C6+4-minute Analysis has been a solution for limitation of GC expert at customer side. The audience was learned that our product will make their day more comfortable with many benefit from NGC model 370XA such as:

  • Simplified functional and easy of use.
  • As an option for “tradional” natural gas GC.
  • Reduce installation costs and Less Time For Construction, Start-up, and Maintenance.
  • Extensive use of software assistants to minimize requirement of GC skills.

Danalyzer 370XA Gas Chromatograph

The Seminar performing the new technology of GC 370XA directly presented speaker from Rosemount Analytical. In addition, we also showcase the effectiveness and easiness of our solutions by performing free discussion with technology showcase and live demo including GC new technology. wish you can take the opportunities to position our solutions and generate sales leads as well. Please visit WWW.370XA.com if you want to know how easy this new NGC !!! The seminar was organized successfully and well attended as result of great cooperation between Emerson Process Management and PT. Control System Arena Para Nusa team.

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