"Rosemount On The Move (EPC Training)" Event

Hello All,... Here we are want to share with you "Rosemount On The Move (EPC Training)" Event. Have already Sucessfull brought many Participants from Feed Contractor Company and EPC to join with the training. From Seminar room 2nd floor PTCS offices, was attended by 35 participants at the first day (Wednesday,08th April 2015) from 13 Feed Contractor companies from 23 companies has invited. And the second day (Thursday, 09th April 2015) from 26 companies had invited, was attended by 37 participants from 11 EPC companies.

It’s all about rosemount product training and new technology include wireless inside. From the feed back form and attendance list attached there are so many opportunities we can take and explore costumer needs. Not only for Rosemount product but for all PTCS opportunity.

The seminar was organized successfully and well attended as result of great cooperation between Emerson Process Management and PT. Control Systems Arena Para Nusa team.

Special thanks to key organizing personnel and the whole organizing team

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