"The seminar Pertamina Refinery Technology Engineering Center" Event

Hello All,... Jakarta April 02nd 2015 At Seminar room 2nd floor PTCS Offices was held “ The seminar Pertamina Refinery Technology Engineering Center” It was attended from delegated Pertamina Refinery Unit of each Unit, it is came from RU III Plaju, RU IV Cilacap, RU VI Balongan and Pertamina Pusat – Jakarta.

The topic of Seminar covered :

  • Pervasive Sensing™ Solutions by Jonas Berge
  • Improving Reliability & Maintenance by Trung Hyunh
  • Improving Energy Efficiency by Ananth Nochur
  • Reducing HS&E incidents by Jonas Berge
  • Improving Process Operations Productivity by Jonas Berge
  • Plant Modernization

And the key note of this seminar was by Djoni Lukman.

We also showcase of our solutions by performing free discussion with Pervasive SensingTM Solutions showcase and live demo including :

Attached are attendance list and feedback from the audiance, you can take the opportunities to position our solutions and generate sales leads as well.

Special thanks to key organizing personnel and the whole organizing team

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