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Project Management

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Loop Checking

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Maintenance Contract

Asset Management & Predictive Maintenance

Remote Diagnostic


DCS & SCADA Selected Project Experiences

Pinang Gas Plant Control Project (CPI)

Balam & Bangko Water Injection DCS & SCADA (CPI)

Hydrocyclone Skid Control System (Baker Process)

Thermoflux Control System (Unocal)

DSF Area 10 & 11 Steam Quality Monitoring & Control (CPI)

DCS for CO2 Removal Plant (Pertamina DOH JBB)

SCADA for Peciko (Total Indonesie)

RTU for NSO Platform (ExxonMobil)

Duri Area 11 Automatic Well Test (CPI)

DCS for Gas Lift Injection (Unocal)

DCS for Gas Plant (ConocoPhillips South Jambi)

DCS for Refinery (TPPI)

DCS Migration at Papa Platform (BP)

Control Room Relocation (COPI WNTS)

System Integration Selected Project Experiences


CEMS including installation at 5 location (COPI)

Filling Shed meter & control, 12 set (Pertamina Cikampek) and 46 set (Pertamina UPMS Palembang)

Radar Tank Gauging Upgrade, 23 tanks (Pertamina Balikpapan)

RTU for water Injection Control (CPI)

Flow Computer Upgrade (BP , Total & COPI)

Meter Recalibration & Installation (COPI)

Meter Regulating Skid, 16 set (PGN)

Batch Plant Automation (Monagro)

Fatty Acid Plant Automation (Ecogreen)

Melamine Plant Automation (DKM)

Selected Metering System Project Experiences

Pertamina UP III Plaju Liquid Meter (Turbine)

Unocal West Seno Gas & Crude Meter & Bidi Prover (USM & PD)

Pertamina UP II Dumai LPG meter & Bidi Prover (Turbine)

ExxonMobil Pase B Gas & Condensate Meter (orifice & turbine)

Petrochina Gas Meter (USM)

Pertamina UP VII Kasim Crude & White Product Meter & BCP (PD)

PGN-RAPP Gas Meter (USM)

Petrochina Salawati Liquid Metering System at FPSO

TAC Pertamina � Pertalahan Crude Metering System & BCP at FSO

Pertamina DOH Sumbagsel Crude Metering System & BCP (PD)

Pertamina UPIV Cilacap Gasoline Metering System & BCP (turbine) and Paraxylene Ship Loading System (MMI)

Pertamina DOH Sumbagsel Gas Metering System (orifice)

Pertamina UPMS IV Semarang Mobile Proving System (BCP)

Pertamina UP II Dumai Gasoline & Diesel Oil Metering System (Turbine)

Maintenance Contract Reference List

BP Indonesia Maintenance contract for all instrument (3 years)

CPI Central Maintenance Workshop Operation (2 years)

COPI Belanak GC & USM Maintenance contract (2 years)

COPI Grissik GC Maintenance Contract (2 years)

COPI Belanak control valve maintenance contract (2 years)

WNTS DeltaV maintenance contract (2 years)

CPI SLN all instrument maintenance contract (6 months)

CPI Stock Utilization (18 months)

CPI Main Instrument Shop Management (2 years)

CPI Well Injector Maintenance Contract (2 years)



Because over 50 percent of mechanical issues are caused by bearing wear, effective monitoring of bearing health is a key component of a reliability program. With four-channel data collection, users can collect vertical, horizontal, and axial readings on a bearing at the same time. Using this data and Emersons unique PeakVue technology, reliability technicians can detect compromised bearing performance earlier than with any other measurement technique.



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